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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Vibrating screen | RHEWUM WA

The optimal classification with RHEWUM vibrating screens

The high performance vibrating machine type WA is used for classification of bulk material in the finest to medium grain size range. This screen type is a vibrating screen which employs direct excitation of screen mesh; thus the screen housing only takes a static function. It also preserves the building and/or the steel structure. No dynamic loads are transmitted as they are created by completely vibrating conventional screens. Additionally, rigid connections for feed and exit chutes are possible. As a result of this these vibration screens offer additional protection against dust emissions.

Vibration is imparted into the screen mesh by the high-speed movement of a transversally mounted rocker shaft, located beneath the screen cloth. The resultant velocity down the screen is determined by the angle of the screen deck. Outside of the screen housing rugged electromagnetic drives rock the knocker shafts, conveying the high frequency oscillation directly into the screen mesh. An installed program control unit, which achieves cleaning impulses of up to 50 g, is used for the automatic cleaning of the RHEWUM screen fabrics. The electromagnetic drive creates a high acceleration of the screening deck of up to 15g.  This process guarantees the correct screening of adhesive products. The electronic control of the vibrating heads allows infinite control of the vibrator oscillation during operation and as a result the perfect ratio of vibration amplitude to product properties. Each screen deck is individually controlled and divided into inlet and outlet sections.

High frequency vibrating screens

The high frequency vibration of the screen mesh is designed to overcome the adhesive particle forces within the product. It loosens the product bed and segregates the product mixture by throwing big particles above the finer ones and separating them by comparison with the mesh opening. The vibrating screens ensure the maximum productivity and screening capacities in the smallest possible space.

The combination of longitudinal tensioning of the screen mesh and open access results in the quick and easy changing of screens. Maintenance to the exterior of the the screening space arranged drives can be done during operation.  Due to the number of drives any possible failure of a drive does not require the shutdown of the plant.

Available with up to 5 screening machine decks, sound insulation, stainless steel design, infinitely variable inclination adjustment and dust-tight case with connection to a dust extraction system (FDA, ATEX).

Standard machine sizes are in the range of 1.4 m² to 26.4 m² (15 ft² to 284 ft²) per screening deck resp. machine. Additional sizes and custom designed constructions are possible on demand. Relating to these dimensions electrical power range is in between 0.52 kW to 3.9 kW (0.7 hp to 5.3 hp) (!).

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