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Insect larvae - smoothly separated with new processes

06.03.2023, Remscheid

Markus Hollbach, RHEWUM GmbH

For several years, RHEWUM has established itself as a specialist in the field of insect larvae separations. Such tasks require high-precision, smooth screening processes that are suitable for keeping living particles alive in the technical process.

RHEWUM uses machines of the RHEflex type, among others, for this purpose. The RHEflex linear vibrating screen is used for protective screening and classification of medium- and coarse-grained bulk materials. For these machines, a special process has been developed for a simplified change of PU-panels. In this process, one screening surface consists of three cassettes each, in which PU-panels are fixed. This gives maintenance teams quick and easy access to the screen elements.

Screening elements: Special screen linings made of polyurethane
For separation, polymesh PU screen panels made of polyurethane are used instead of screen cloths. The abrasion-resistant and cost-efficient polymesh screen panels combine durability with maximum precision. They are ideal for screening fine, abrasive or moist materials. In this way, smooth separation of larvae from the culture medium can be carried out.

More information you can find here: What do screening machines have to do with insects? (rhewum.com)

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